The Pontiac Firebird Roars Back for a Showdown Against Mustang and Challenger

Burt Reynolds would be proud of this present-day take on the iconic sports car that’s a little bit of Camaro with a lot of nostalgia.

When the first Pontiac Firebird arrived on the market in 1967, it was attempting to take on the very successful Ford Mustang. Not only that, but it also was competing with GM’s sibling muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro.

Although it did have its loyal fanbase, the Pontiac Firebird never really saw the success of the Mustang or other competing muscle cars until its final model year in 2002. In a new exclusive rendering, however, HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel revitalizes the Pontiac Firebird as a modern muscle car that looks ready to take on the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger one last time.

Updated March 2023: We’ve updated this article to include information about a new potential Pontiac Firebird, if Pontiac and the Firebird will return in an official capacity, and the values of all previous generations of the Pontiac Firebird. Read on to find out this information along with this amazing exclusive digital concept render.

A Modern Pontiac Firebird Rendering

The Pontiac Firebird is one of the most celebrated cars from the Pontiac brand and was in production from the late 60s until 2002. The Firebird as well as its sportier Trans Am variant are iconic classic sports cars that have made appearances in films like Smokey And The Bandit and are a favorite among collectors, enthusiasts, and race car drivers.

Often closely related to the Camaro, the Firebird and Trans Am continue to be among some of the most appreciated cars from General Motors.

When the Pontiac brand got dissolved in the late 2010s, the Firebird was out of production. However, Pontiac was still producing sporty, performance-oriented cars aimed at customers that wanted more excitement out of their driving experience.

Cars like the Pontiac G8, Solstice convertible and G6 GXP continued Pontiac’s reputation of being a brand for enthusiasts. Unfortunately, GM’s bankruptcy sent Pontiac to its grave.

A Pontiac Firebird Reimagining New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am concept HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

Despite being more than a decade since Pontiac got put to pasture, passion and enthusiasm for the brand remain very much alive. There have been attempts before to create Pontiac-inspired designs on modern cars such as the Camaro-based Firebreather that came out in 2010.

The rendering from @adry53customs pays homage to Pontiac by staying true to many of Pontiac’s unique design elements. The black and gold exterior coloring with the famous Firebird on the hood and gold wheels are instantly recognizable as Pontiac Trans Am styling from the late 70s and 80s.

Emmanuel uses a 1977 model’s front end as inspiration with other design elements like the headlights appearing to come from the Corvette. The fenders and fascias at the front and rear are more pronounced than what the original Trans Am wore. In staying true to Trans Am fashion, this rendering has T-tops, ducktail spoiler, and horizontal slats for taillights. The overall shape is very much in line with GM’s sibling muscle car, the Chevrolet Camaro.

While this rendering isn’t based in reality, it does provide a look into what a modern version of the Firebird might look like given that it would almost certainly share components with Chevrolet’s current sports cars. The most logical engine choice for the beast would also come from the Camaro ZL1: a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 making 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.

Until GM decides to revive Pontiac though, this rendering will serve as a nostalgic look at what might have been.

Are They Still Making Pontiac Firebird? Black and Gold Pontiac Firebird Trans Am From Trans Am Depot Source: Trans Am Depot

The Pontiac Firebird ended production officially in 2002 with the Pontiac brand going along with it in 2010. However, if you want a new Pontiac Firebird, the closest thing you can get is from a Florida-based company called Trans Am Depot. Back in 2013, they produced a limited number of special edition Firebird Trans Ams based on the 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro.

How Much Is A Firebird Worth Today? New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am concept HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

When talking about the values of the Pontiac Firebird, prices fluctuate drastically depending on the model year and generation according to The 1st-gen Firebird (1967-1969) has an average sales price of $56,721. Moving on to the second-generation Firebird (1970-1981), the average sale price is $50,617.

The 3rd-Gen Pontiac Firebirds (1982-1992) are considerably cheaper with an average sale price of $21,742. Lastly, the 4th-Gen Firebirds (1993-2002) are a little more expensive with an average sale price of $27,779. However, you can find clean examples of the Trans Am with higher miles for much cheaper.

Is GM Bringing Back Pontiac? New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am concept HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

General Motors is not likely to bring back the Pontiac brand in any capacity, especially when talking about muscle cars. Emmanuel’s Trans Am Firebird concept clearly takes inspiration from the 5th and 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro. Bringing back the Pontiac brand in the form of a new Firebird based on the Camaro platform could make a lot of sense financially since there would be several shared components (engine, transmission, suspension, etc.).

However, since Chevrolet recently announced the end of the Chevrolet Camaro as we know it, the Firebird, Trans Am, or the Pontiac brand returning is just a pipe dream at this point.

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