Inside Steph Curry’s Luxurious Mansion in America’s Priciest Zip Code

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS star Steph Curry is living the high life in his new Silicon Valley home.

Having previously lived in a comparatively tiny 7,535-square-foot Atherton mansion situated on 1.18 acres, Curry has now moved to a substantially bigger property in the nation’s priciest zip code.

Curry is a two-time NBA MVP 

Curry is a two-time NBA MVPCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Curry's stunning new home cost him a cool $30 million 

Curry’s stunning new home cost him a cool $30 millionCredit: Open Homes Photography
The home sits within his 1.7-acre plot 

The home sits within his 1.7-acre plotCredit: Open Homes Photography
The property features a beautiful pool and sun deck 

The property features a beautiful pool and sun deckCredit: Open Homes Photography
There's also no shortage of natural light in his new digs 

There’s also no shortage of natural light in his new digsCredit: Open Homes Photography

According to new information from Front Office Sports, Curry sold his former home for $31.2 million to billionaire Forrest Li toward the end of 2021.

That’s $1.2 million more than he bought his new 17,761-square-foot residence for in December 2020.

Curry never loses.

The four-time NBA Champion’s current home, also in Atherton, lies within a 1.7-acre plot.

It contains seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a movie theater, a bar, a wine cellar, a swimming pool, and a sundeck.

Per the report, the home’s master bedroom has its own fireplace, wet bar, and of course, a marble bathtub.

The home has an unsurprisingly spacious atmosphere, including vaulted ceilings, and multiple large windows throughout adding a great deal of natural light, which also helps to connect the interior to the luscious grounds it lies within.

Curry’s business nous when it comes to flipping and profiting off of properties is no surprise, given that he’s already proven to be quite the businessman.

The NBA’s highest earner on the court, Curry is the league’s second-highest earner overall with an expected income this year of $95.1 million.

Entering the first of his new four-year contract, worth a reported $215.3 million, Curry also has various business ventures such as his content company Unanimous Media, his recently-released children’s book, I Have a Superpower, and his partnership with Under Armor.

An architectural rendering of Curry's now former $31 million home 

An architectural rendering of Curry’s now former $31 million homeCredit: Studio Green
The home is located in Atherton 

The home is located in AthertonCredit: Studio Green
It too features space for lounging in the sun and plenty of greenery 

It too features space for lounging in the sun and plenty of greeneryCredit: Studio Green
Curry is an eight-time NBA All-Star 

Curry is an eight-time NBA All-StarCredit: Reuters
This year, Curry also purchased this vacation home in Winter Park near Orlando for $2.1 million 

This year, Curry also purchased this vacation home in Winter Park near Orlando for $2.1 millionCredit: Google Maps
Steph has been married to Ayesha since 2011


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