The Origins of the Pyramids: Pharaohs’ Genius or Alien Technology?

The pyramids are not just a representation of Egyptian culture. In fact, there are similar pyramid buildings around the world, such as: Sudanese pyramid, great pyramid of Mexico, Peruvian pyramid, Roman pyramid…

As one of the most influential ancient works in human history, around the pyramid there have been countless mysteries and legends for thousands of years, especially since the Internet age, conspiracy theories about pyramids have spread. pyramids appear one after another.

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The Egyptian pyramids are a giant structure in the middle of the desert and can be seen from extraterrestrial satellites. The construction of these pyramids was certainly a mammoth task, so who did it?Pyramids are certainly a typical symbol of ancient Egyptian civilization, the most typical of which is the Giza pyramid located near Cairo, the capital of Egypt.The position of the Giza pyramid is irreplaceable, with a unique historical value that other pyramids cannot compare with.

The earliest pyramid construction dates back 5,000 years ago.Among them, the most spectacular is the Khufu pyramid with a height of 146 meters and a base length of 230 meters. Khufu’s pyramid maintained the title of the tallest architectural building in human society for a long time, until Lincoln Cathedral in England was born.

Even in today’s modern society, a height of 146 meters is still considered a model of high-rise buildings.Its mass, magnificence and exquisite craftsmanship make Khufu’s pyramid unique among ancient monuments. However, the question of who built the pyramids is still at the heart of academic debate.

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To this day, the Giza pyramid complex located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt, still surprises scientists. With their enormous size, perfect geometry and intricate decorations, the pyramids at Giza showed the power of the Pharaohs during Egypt’s golden age.In the 1850s, it was argued that the construction of the pyramids was not done by humans.Many scholars have even publicly supported and defended this view, including US congressman Ignatius Donnelly.As a proponent of the theory of prehistoric civilization, Donnelly firmly believed that the builders of the Egyptian pyramids must have been people of an advanced prehistoric civilization, but records regarding the issue This was lost for some reason.

Since the 1930s, this view has been converted by many to theories about UFOs and aliens.Many people firmly believe that the hosts of advanced prehistoric civilizations are definitely aliens.They believe that all ancient human civilizations were guided by ancient aliens in their development.

Some people point out that the pyramid is not a Pharaoh’s tomb at all, because no actual mummies were excavated from the pyramid, and they all came from the Valley of the Kings of Ai Update.In addition to some of the discovered functions of the pyramid, there may be some functions that modern humans have not yet discovered, and perhaps due to its long age, today’s pyramid has gradually lost its functions. their inherent abilities.

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Khufu’s pyramid, also known as the Great Pyramid, was the first structure built in the complex. This is also the largest structure of the three pyramids. According to National Geographic, the project is estimated to be built from about 2.3 million blocks of limestone and granite, with each block weighing from 2.5 to 15 tons.According to geological analysis maps, archaeologists discovered that almost all pyramids were built on volcanic or seismic zones. And according to those who believe in theories about UFOs and aliens, there is only one reason to do so, which is to collect energy – the Earth’s internal energy will be most concentrated in these two areas.

Maybe the technology of alien civilizations is different from ours, and the energy they need is also different from ours, so they collect energy through pyramids to supply themselves, like Like we need electricity to grow, but their methods are more advanced. And it is thanks to this source of energy that many strange phenomena have occurred in the pyramid.

However, these views are not accepted by mainstream scientists, historians and archaeologists.Although traditional scholars disagree with these views, in the Internet age, these ideas have spread widely and become a topic of discussion for more and more people.

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The Great Pyramid is the oldest of the seven famous wonders of the ancient world, and is also the only wonder still intact today.However, the question about the process and method of building the pyramid also makes many people feel curious.It mainly focuses on the following two questions: How did ancient Egypt organize such a large workforce to build the pyramids, and what workforce built the pyramids? how perfectly using primitive tools.

According to existing archaeological evidence, archaeologists say that near the ruins of the Giza pyramids there are remains of a temple that can meet the living needs of 100,000 people at the same time.This discovery suggests that ancient Egypt may have employed a construction team of hundreds of thousands of people, which is the scale of labor needed to build the pyramids.

To know why the ancient Egyptians invested so much resources and labor to build the pyramids, we need to understand the religious beliefs of the ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egyptians believed that death was a passage to the afterlife or heaven, so they believed that after death, their souls needed a resting place. The pyramid is a monumental structure used as a tomb for the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.For the soul of the Pharaoh to rest in peace, the ancient Egyptians were ready to do everything possible.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that death was a passage to the afterlife or heaven, so they believed that after death, their souls needed a resting place.Before Khufu’s pyramid appeared, there were many other pyramids throughout the Nile Valley.Objectively speaking, these early pyramids allowed the ancient Egyptians’ pyramid construction technology to develop and become perfect, and also paved the way for the later construction of the Khufu pyramid. This.

The previous mainstream view in archeology believed that the pyramids were probably built by a large group of slaves.According to this view, behind each pyramid is a history full of human blood and tears.

However, with further research into ancient Egyptian society, the mainstream view began to tend to believe that the pyramids were built by paid skilled craftsmen.

Faced with this viewpoint, many people ask: How was ancient Egypt able to successfully recruit tens of thousands of skilled craftsmen at once?In fact, the ancient Egyptian state took a series of measures to ensure there were enough craftsmen when building the pyramids.First of all, the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs would conduct a large-scale conscription, recruiting young men to participate in building the pyramids.

After that, the ancient country of Egypt would conduct diplomatic mediation with other countries to get more builders.In addition, ancient Egyptian Pharaohs also rewarded craftsmen with high salaries and benefits to attract and retain them.Together these measures contributed to the successful recruitment of a sufficient number of skilled craftsmen in ancient Egypt to build the pyramids.

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When completed, the Great Pyramid was 146 meters high, making it the tallest man-made structure in the world for nearly 4,000 years.However, there are still many people who do not believe in this scientific argument, because it is difficult to imagine how the ancient Egyptians arranged such giant blocks of stone so perfectly thousands of years ago.

Many people believe that no other ancient civilization of the same period, including ancient Egypt, was capable of realizing these technologies.However, due to the long period of time and lack of related documents, people always have different opinions about the many mysteries of the pyramid, and there are countless theories that contradict each other whether it is the official view or not. side view.

Regarding when the pyramid was built, who built it and how it was built to this day, scientists and archaeologists still do not give us a reasonable explanation.

Tại các khu lăng mộ thường bao gồm một kim tự tháp lớn và nằm bao quanh là một số kim tự tháp nhỏ hơn (kim tự tháp nữ hoàng). Theo những hình ảnh mà Jean Pierre Baron và Gilles Dormion thu được từ radar xuyên đất năm 2000, những kim tự tháp này có thể sở hữu hành lang dẫn tới một căn phòng khác. Ảnh: muha.

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