The classic look of a chocolate brown manicure is brown nails

With us, you will still find ideas and designs for every taste. Not every woman can and wants to become a ballerina, but any of us can wear a ballerina’s nails. And so your hands will certainly not go unnoticed in 2019.

Autumn is slowly coming to the fore, so it’s the best time to discover the new seasonal trends to come. If you like to style your nails according to the time of year, you absolutely need to know the colors and patterns that will be everywhere in fall 2022 .

Brown is an essential color in fashion, a kind of basic that we turn to, especially in autumn and winter. It is elegant and adds a warm touch to outfits. In beauty, in addition to the eyes and lips, it is also worn on the nails.

Brown nails are elegant and a different option compared to red and burgundy, the colors that are most often used in manicures. Now that the 90’s trends are back, the chocolate brown manicure is cool.

If you are looking for ideas to show off your brown nails, do not miss our proposals, whether you choose gel or acrylic nails, or if you prefer to polish your natural nails.

The manicure in brown tones is the trend this fall and winter. Nail stylists offer fashionistas to choose a shade that suits their skin tone, and make sure that brown nails are very interesting and spectacular!

Brown nails raise passions among influencers and brown nail colors to become the winning bet for our summer nails. It sounds weird, I know. Brown nails are usually more typical of seasons such as winter or autumn. However, with the return of the Y2K aesthetic style, brown not only sneak into your wardrobe and makeup but also in your manicure.

There are nothing more in the 90s than chocolate brown nails. They go with absolutely everything, they stylize the hands and accentuate the tan of the skin in summer and autumn. All good, right? Nails in brown tones return to break with the absolutism of the maroon color as the chicest option to succeed with our summer manicure. Goodbye red nails colored French manicure. In 2022, beauty addicts bet everything on brown nails. Well, there is nothing more to talk about. We have seen the trend in celebrities like Rihanna or Kylie Jenner and, without going so far, in the nails of María Pombo.

Get out of your comfort zone (to feel more comfortable than ever in your new mani). If you are a classic woman, how about some brown and beige nails? If, on the other hand, you love to take risks, with brown leopard nails you will succeed for sure. Another way to wear the trend and for a much sweeter look, is to opt for brown and pink nails. It will be the perfect combination for your summer outfits since the pink color is very current.

What, do you sign up for the fashion of decorated brown nails? Look no further, we have the inspiration you need. From wavy nails to brown French manicures… We think these designs are going to win you over. Inside pictures of brown nails!

The best thing about brown nails is that they admit all kinds of interpretations, but if you have a hard time deciding, I have it clear: wear them all! Opt for a perfect mix of brown and beige nails. Marching five chocolates!

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