Neymar: 600 million euros for unfinished football genius

Neymar is a symbol of the new football, in the age of globalization and commercial aspect. More than a decade ago, when he started his professional career, he was mentioned a lot through the concept of a YouTube player.

Each time he moved from one club to another, he raised huge amounts of capital causing fluctuations, for better or for worse. With only one figure undisputed winning: Neymar himself.

The latest dribble, joining Saudi football, helped the Brazilian receive more than 275 million euros ($300 million) on a two-year contract, becoming the second highest paid in world football. This figure could rise to almost 368 million euros ($400 million) with bonus terms and a range of commercial deals.

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Al-Hilal, Neymar’s new club, is certainly not limited to the sporting aspect. The capital team Riyadh outlines for the former Barcelona star an important role in Vision 2030.

Only Cristiano Ronaldo ($200 million per year from Al-Nassr) gets better treatment. But CR7 is known for his unique image: unsurprisingly, he’s a public figure with the world’s largest following on social media.

Neymar, throughout his career, has signed contracts that mark every era of modern football.


When Neymar left Santos for a European adventure in 2013, with a stop at Barcelona, ​​he struck a deal with a guaranteed minimum of €45.9 million over five years.

This includes 8.5 million euros as a contract bonus for choosing Blaugrana and rejecting Real Madrid; 9 million euros fixed per season plus loads of bonuses.

Football Leaks revealed that the terms of the contract include 100,000 euros for each time Neymar is called up to the national team, an additional 637,000 euros for the Champions League place won by the club, and 850,000 euros in the case of winning the Liga.

Moreover, that transfer caused many people to step up in front of Spanish judges, with an investigation into the concealment of the true value of the transaction between Santos and Barca, as well as the DIS fund being held by a third party. part ownership of Neymar. Sandro Rosell had to resign as president in this scandal and caused many consequences afterwards.

- Bóng Đá

After nearly 10 years, the investigation ended with a general acquittal of corruption and fraud charges.

Neymar stayed at Barcelona for four seasons, during which he won the treble in 2015 and had shining moments like two goals and an assist in the final eight minutes of an incredible comeback that knocked PSG out of the Champions League.

During his early years in Spain, Neymar chose to live in the shadow of Lionel Messi and together maintain a close friendship. Ultimately, he searches for a new adventure with the ambition of becoming the world number 1.


In 2017, a deal that shocked Barca and La Liga (the top Spanish league officials tried everything to stop the process of buying Neymar’s contract), becoming the biggest transfer in history. football to this point.

By paying Barca’s release clause of 222 million euros, PSG did not simply recruit Neymar.

The French capital club infuriated defenders of the Old Continent’s footballing tradition, ripping the market with unprecedented spending and making UEFA’s financial fair play a laughing stock.

- Bóng Đá


What about Barcelona? After collecting 222 million euros, the club had to make mandatory purchases (Ousmane Dembele according to the 105+40 formula; Philippe Coutinho set a record with 120+40 million euros), entered a spiral of losses and debt without The consequences still persist to this day.

The Brazilian soccer prince looks at his wallet. The 5-year contract with PSG is worth 30 million euros after tax per season, excluding bonuses. His father, who is also the agent, receives a commission of 40 million euros.

When extending the contract, Neymar’s salary increased to 37 million euros. At the same time, with his sixth year in Paris, the 31-year-old also received another 35 million euros for loyalty. Very impressive as a businessman, but disappointing as a player.

During his time at the Park of the Princes, Neymar experienced more darkness than light, amid injuries, quarrels and gradually detached from his environment.


“I’m here in  Saudi Arabia, and I’m from Al-Hilal,” Neymar announced his move to the Saudi League on social media. PSG used to pay 222 million euros for him and have just received 90 million euros in return, plus a number of options to pay later according to the number of games, goals and titles.

Technically, PSG will receive a capital gain in the fiscal year 2023-24, after Neymar’s value has been amortized 4/5, but this investment certainly does not live up to expectations.

- Bóng Đá

The entire project of the star team, from Neymar to Messi and Kylian Mbappe, failed, both sportingly and economically. In the period of 2019-2022, PSG lost more than 700 million euros.

Of course, that is not an issue that Neymar cares about. For him, the personal contract and salary are important.

Thus, after raking in more than €250 million in net wages during his decade of playing football in Europe, between Barcelona and PSG, Neymar’s account will continue to soar on his Middle Eastern adventure.

At the end of the Saudi Arabia tour (he intends to return to Europe to best prepare for the 2026 World Cup), will earn more than 600 million euros. Huge sums for one of the most beloved stars of modern football, not counting the income from more than 10 sponsors.

Success in money and fame, but until the age of 31, Neymar still carries a sense of incompleteness in terms of football, especially in the Ballon d’Or and World Cup elections.

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