NBA star Lonzo Ball scored a brand new mansion in Los Angeles

Lonzo Ball’s recent $85 million deal with the Chicago Bulls has likely led him to invest in luxury real estate. However, the professional basketball player has PᴜгϲҺаsed several great homes in and near his longstanding Southern California home.

Ball was reared in Chino Hills, roughly an hour east of downtown Los Angeles (depending on traffic). After being picked by the Lakers in 2017, he spent $5.2 million for a three-acre Chino Hills estate with a 15,000-square-foot home that became the principal abode of his always-brash father LaVar Ball and his mother, Tina Ball.

Lonzo keeps investing in Chino Hills. He bought the empty land next to his parents’ massive mansion for $510,000 in March. After that, he spent $2 million on a five-bedroom Chino Hills property for his ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia, who has a kid.

Ball spent $7.3 million for a spectacular suburban Los Angeles estate, his greatest property PᴜгϲҺаse to date. The opulent mansion in Sherman Oaks’ steep slopes was built in 1974 but completely restored last year.

The mansion has expansive San Fernando Valley views from its hilltop location. An infinity-edged pool with a wooden deck surrounds the concrete patio, AstroTurf grass, and fire pit.

The description says the modern home has a “sweeping open floor layout with Fleetwood doors throughout for the

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