Messi and Mbappe leave PSG: Neymar’s time?

If he stays in Paris this summer, it is likely that the Brazilian striker will take important steps in his career.

When he officially became the head coach of Paris Saint-Germain in early July, Luis Enrique admitted that he was not clear about Neymar’s future as well as the team’s forces next season. But after researching and analyzing the attacking players that PSG have, Luis Enrique made a decision: Neymar can have it, but it’s okay not to have it!.

However, Neymar is now almost the most important player for PSG. Kylian Mbappe no longer has any attachment to the Prince’s Park team, and Messi has also joined Inter Miami.

Thus, PSG only has Neymar left. Once again Neymar is alone in Paris after the era of MNM attacking trio, just like before Mbappe and Messi arrived. At that time, things were going very badly for Neymar, who was left behind, underestimated for his ability and always blamed for going to Paris just for the money. Neymar also faces very serious injuries in different positions: ankle, ankle and adductor. Besides, there are a series of controversies off the pitch such as lavish parties and many unnecessarily long vacations.

Five years in Paris is considered too wasted with a talent like Neymar. The player’s only goal when he moved to Paris was to overcome Messi’s shadow. Neymar aspires to become the center of the team, to win the Ballon d’Or, not to accept as a background for anyone. It is easy to understand that collective success, specifically the Champions League, is probably second only on this player’s list of priorities.

But now things are different. Neymar has the opportunity to become the only star of the team without the terrible pressure like 5 years ago. PSG are no longer expected to bring home the European Cup to Parc des Princes, nor do they attract the same amount of media attention as they did before, and those eyes will now be on the Santiago Bernabeu when Mbappe is certain to move in. Real Madrid.

Instead, Neymar can operate freely in Paris, becoming the best player in a growing team. And perhaps this is the right environment for the Brazilian player to revive his seemingly dying career.

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307666

How did Neymar and PSG start?

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307667

Neymar’s move to PSG for a record price in 2017 was a step too wrong. At that time, 24-year-old Neymar, playing alongside the duo of Messi and Luis Suarez, was old and showing signs of decline. With more patience, Neymar can completely become the biggest star at Camp Nou.

There are many reasons why Neymar left. It has been suggested that Neymar was not pleased when his performance in Barcelona’s famous Remontada was downplayed by the media. Others argue that Neymar came to Paris simply because of a salary of 36.8 million euros (£32 million/$41 million) a year in the French capital.

But above all, Neymar aspires to be the sole star of a team. At Camp Nou, no matter how hard he tried, Neymar could not overcome Messi’s too big shadow.

However, Barcelona never wanted to sell Neymar. At the time, Suarez announced that he would advise Neymar to stay and promised to work together to conquer the championship with Barca. Gerard Pique even posted an intimate selfie on Instagram, captioned “se queda”, pledging that Neymar would stay. But just 10 days later, Neymar decided to go to Paris.

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307670

All went wrong from the start?

When Neymar arrived in Paris, he was greeted like a hero. Although PSG cost 222 million euros (£200 million / 262 million US dollars) for the Brazilian player. But at the time, Neymar was a young player who had already proven his superstar stature. Although Neymar is not yet the best player in the world, it is understood that soon the Ballon d’Or will be Neymar’s if he can keep his form.

During his first press conference in Paris, Neymar confirmed that he would bring the elephant ear trophy to the Parc des Princes. The shirt with his name is constantly sold out, the brand contract with Nike has brought in millions of dollars in revenue for PSG.

However, on the field, things did not go smoothly. After a stint as Paris’s No 1 star, the arrival of Mbappe – then 18 but tore through Manchester City’s defense in the Champions League, scoring in both legs to knock Pep Guardiola’s side out The tournament changed everything.

Mbappe and Neymar played well in the first time. But persistent injuries have always been Neymar’s biggest problem, the player broke his foot and had to miss the game. In that year, PSG was eliminated from the Champions League right from the round of 16.

Since then, things have gotten worse. While the Mbappe star played sublimely, Neymar was constantly struggling with injuries. When PSG could finally reach the Champions League final, the rich Frenchman lost to Bayern with a goal from his old man – Kingsley Coman.

Neymar’s cycle boils down to this: injury – Messi arrival – injury. PSG is still the same, they cannot show their bravery in the C1 arena. And now that Messi is gone and Mbappe has shown signs of following in his footsteps, Neymar is once again alone in the French capital.

The benefits of good team building

Neymar as a surviving member of the old PSG could be to his great advantage. Over the past few years, PSG has always been judged as a less intelligent transfer when they only know how to buy and buy. PSG spend money indiscriminately without worrying about how the “all-star” squad will operate. The squad needs a right-back? Sign a contract without thinking with Achraf Hakimi. Missing goalkeeper? Bring back Gigi Donnarumma for 0 dong but don’t hesitate to pay a huge salary.

As a result, PSG became a team of excess talent but lack of direction. Coaches come and go without leaving any outstanding achievements.

But now everything seems to have changed. PSG limit lavish spending, instead allocating money to train youth, bringing in highly qualified players at a reasonable price. A good example is Milan Skriniar – a top free midfielder.

PSG buying wisely in this transfer window is a good sign for Neymar. This is not a “satellite” formation around Neymar, but PSG have brought in players who can play effectively alongside him.

Luis Enrique – a tactic expert

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307674

The head coach has long been a problem in Paris. Laurent Blanc, Carlo Ancelotti, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel, Mauricio Pochettino and Christophe Galtier have all tried and failed.

Therefore, it makes sense to ask what the next person will bring that the previous six did not. Luis Enrique is no better tactically than Tuchel. He is not a better coach than Ancelotti. And Enrique does not have the same attacking taste as Pochettino.

But Luis Enrique certainly has some advantages at PSG. Basically, he is a person who is less affected by the judgment of others. Enrique does not hesitate to push superstars to the bench if they do not obey. The Spaniard is also a decisive coach when he brought Pedri and Gavi into the main squad as soon as these two players debuted in the first team of Barcelona.

However, the biggest advantage for Neymar is probably the fact that Luis Enrique has coached him before. While still at Barcelona, ​​it was Enrique who defended Neymar in front of the media and gave the player winged compliments.

Relationship with Paris fans

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307678

In fact, Neymar has matured a lot. In a lengthy interview with CazeTV, the Brazilian admitted that he will probably never get the love of PSG fans, but pledged to return to Paris whether they boo him or not. Neymar accepts being ridiculed to continue playing at PSG.

The relationship between Neymar and Ultras Paris could not have been worse, Neymar had to face insults and boos from the pitch to the outside. Once the most well-received person in Paris, Neymar now understands that love is gone. What Neymar can do now is just accept the criticism and try to work on the pitch.

Neymar’s pressures

Neymar has been popular since he was a teenager in Santos. Neymar is constantly compared with the most famous legends in the football world, and even a small mistake makes this player receive countless criticisms. In other words, Neymar always plays with a lot of pressure.

Neymar is the focus of the media, every touch of the Brazilian superstar is famous on social networks. Neymar’s personal life is dissected in every detail and is the name that is always blamed when the team loses. Everyone understands that it’s not entirely Neymar’s fault when his teammates are underpowered or the coach’s tactics are not suitable. But the media always blamed Neymar despite all the reasons.

PSG win Ligue 1? Sure, but Champions League glory doesn’t seem to have smiled on them yet. Even PSG will take a few years to properly operate the current squad, and Neymar as an old man who has been here for a long time is the right player to start the ambition of the new PSG.

Messi và Mbappe rời PSG: Thời của Neymar? 307679

Neymar’s expertise is undisputed, Neymar has a skill that few players in the world can match. What is needed for Neymar now is the right direction from PSG.

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