Man Achieves Guinness Record with Over 848 Tattoos

To date, Matt Gone has spent a whopping 173,000 pounds (about 185,000 USD) on hundreds of tattoos on his body.


Matt Gone (USA) re-set the Guinness record for the number of squares tattooed on the body. He has held this record since 2014, according to Guinness World Records. The skin on his head alone has 201 squares.

“From a young age, I realized that checkered patterns are everywhere, from children’s toys, art, fashion to ancient cave paintings. That was my original idea. about tattooing,” he shared.


This man also claims that he has more body pictures than anyone else.

He began his journey to carve ink marks on his body in 1986, when he was 14 years old, according to The Sun.


In addition to the skin on the outside of his body, this man also tattooed most of his oral cavity, including his tongue, gums, cheeks, tonsils and even the inside of his throat. Gone’s eyeballs are colored green, blue, red, purple, and yellow. He also tattooed private parts of his body.


“I tattooed my entire genitals, anus, inner thighs, eyes, tongue, the inside of my throat. I have more internal tattoos than anyone else, but it’s too dangerous to be a Guinness World Record,” he told The Sun.

At least 20 years ago, Gone carved ink marks inside his urethra through a piercing in his private area. And during surgery to correct the birth defect in his bladder many years later, he said the doctor was “shocked” when he discovered ink in his body.

Besides, Gone said that people’s reaction to his unique look has improved in the past time.


“In this day and age, people have less discriminatory attitudes. In 1998, I tattooed my entire head, from neck to jaw, and amazed many people. They were surprised with my eyes, but most shocked when they saw the ink-filled tongue. It’s also a top quality tattoo,” he said.

Of the tattoos, he revealed that the nose area was the most painful, causing him to sneeze out black ink.

This was followed by a tattoo of the inside of his eyelids, even after he had been anaesthetized before.




.Tattoos make me enjoy my body”: Matt Gone on his square tattoos | Guinness World Records

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