Male Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas at Best.

Half sleeve tattoos cover only one half of your arm, usually from the upper shoulder and down to your elbow. People can, later on, add to this tattoo once they’re ready to continue the process.

Placement-wise, you will appreciate getting a sleeve over your forearm and triceps area. However, your biceps and your shoulders can hurt and feel unpleasant.

1. Tiger Inspired Blue Eyes Half Sleeve Tattoo – This is a gorgeous tiger eye tattoo which is done only on one half of the arm. It is done in black ink, but it has a slight pop of color because of its blue eyes.

half sleeve tattoos for men tiger

2. Pin-up Inspired Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea – A lot of men can pull off something dramatic or beautiful as this. If you are a fan of well-detailed pieces and you have a thing for 60s, you will like this tattoo.

half sleeve tattoos for men pin

3. 2 Pac Inspired Half Sleeve Black Ink Tattoo – Guys who are big fans of some gangster music, hip hop or old-school movies will love this tattoo.

half sleeve tattoos for men 2Pac

4. Historical Inspired Half Sleeve Tattoo – This tattoo is gorgeous thanks to its dinosaur and clock details. If you love paying close attention to little things, this design will suit you.

half sleeve tattoos for men Dinosaur

5. Tattoo Design with Eagle Print – This giant piece is breathtaking, so make sure to find a tattoo artist that knows how to do detailed and larger pieces.

half sleeve tattoos for men Eagle

6. Bright Blue Half Sleeve Design – This giant bright blue ship inspired tattoo is great for guys who love attention-seeking pieces.

half sleeve tattoos for men Blue

7. Flower Inspired Half Sleeve Tattoo Over Chest –This dragon inspired & floral tattoo looks well-done. However, make sure that you find a tattoo artist who is well-known for their precision and similar artwork.

half sleeve tattoos for men Flower

8. Joker Inspired Half Sleeve Tattoo – This half sleeve tattoo looks so elegant and will suit die-hard fans the best.

half sleeve tattoos for men Joker

9. Bright Blue Funny Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea – If you want a colorful tattoo and you’re in need of a detailed design, make sure that you find a tattoo artist that knows how to do these unique color splashes and pieces.

half sleeve tattoos for men Funny

10. Clock & Bird Inspired Religious Tattoo – This is a beautiful piece that has loads of details. It is also properly shaded and you will love its positive vibe, as well as spiritual meaning.

half sleeve tattoos for men Clock

11. Half Sleeve Tattoo Tribal Signs – This one will suit you if you are a fan of precision, line work, as well as detailed tattoos.

half sleeve tattoos for men Tribal

12. Beautiful Black Eagle Tattoo – This tattoo is done with such precision, it looks realistic even in its black ink form.

half sleeve tattoos for men Detailed

13. Funny Wiz Khalifa Tattoo – This one will look great as your half sleeve tattoo design.

half sleeve tattoos for men Wiz

14. Tribal Inspired Half Sleeve Tattoo With Shoulder Piece – Tribal tattoos and noticeable pieces such as this one will look amazing on men who go to the gym. Your body will look even nicer with this giant piece.

half sleeve tattoos for men tribes

15. Flower Inspired Tribal Half Sleeve Tattoo – This giant tattoo is beautiful yet it can be quite time-consuming. However, you will love it because of its unique appearance and defined lines.

half sleeve tattoos for men Tribal Flower

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