Kylian Mbappe – Standing on the top of Eiffel, you can’t see the world

Mbappe is the symbol of the Paris team, the pride of the French people. The 25-year-old player is gorgeous, flashy, and majestic like the Eiffel Tower in the capital of light. But thinking about it, even standing at a height of more than 300m, Mbappe can’t see the world, with great ambitions waiting for him to conquer.

The name Mbappe will continue to stir up the summer transfer market in the summer of 2023.

The pinnacle of power

In the summer transfer window of 2022, Qatar’s King Hamad Al Thani stated: “If Mbappe cannot be kept, president Al-Khelaifi will lose his job.” Faced with the risk of unemployment, the “employee president” of PSG has just made a unique decision in the history of world football, which is to give special power to Mbappe – the French player will intervene and decide on some internal issues of the team. And from here, the title “Vice President” was born.

Not only breaking the rules of a team, but as revealed by President Perez (President of Real Madrid Club), French President Emmanuel Macron personally intervened to convince Mbappe to stay in his hometown team.

Mbappe shimmers on the streets of Paris.

Analysis as above to see how great Mbappe’s reach is. He brings the playing level of a superstar, stands in the center for those who do football and love football in the French capital to build ambition and hope.

Mbappe is the source of attracting fans to the weekly football fields, a symbol and pride like the Eiffel Tower. All have crossed the line of a sport.

Thorns on the top of the halo

Power, fame, salary – in this world of football, there is no one like Mbappe at PSG. But in general, the aura that Mbappe is standing on has too many thorns.

Mbappe with the title “Vice President” is always considered by the media as a bad boy, a villain. The level of the 25-year-old player always goes hand in hand with the scandals in the press, personal competition, unruly, oppressing Messi senior, …

Besides, with the excellence of Erling Haaland, a large number of fans have the opportunity to shame Mbappe. The French star and the Man City striker were assembled in parallel, compared to each other in the “Ro – Si” post-production. Mbappe is more beneficial in the team, starts earlier, has more comprehensive skills but Haaland is accelerating rapidly this season.

The Norwegian player exploded for the world to admire, and then many people looked at Mbappe to smile bitterly: “There! That’s the standard attitude of a player.”

Speaking of the club, PSG are a mess at the moment. The French capital club is lacking too many things to become a conquering team, from strategy, philosophy, coach, tradition, etc. Time to rebuild the club, of course, also corresponds to Mbappe’s aging.

Pass through the Perthus . intersection

“Mbappe has been a superstar since he was 17 years old. He broke every record in France. But if he wants to win the Champions League, be the best player in the world and win the Ballon d’Or, I think he should leave PSG.” Former French player Emmanuel Petit expressed his opinion.

A name of French football had to advise the biggest star in France at this time to leave the capital. So, if Mbappe wants to “escape” from the French capital, where will he go? Go through the Perthus crossroads, across the French-Spanish border, to the Royal Spanish Club, Real Madrid.

Real Madrid is the most suitable destination for Mbappe.

Why come to Real? This place simply shows the determination to have Mbappe the most and is also a club with excess conditions for Mbappe to develop.

Anyway, for a European club, the most important and noble title is the silver Champions League trophy. Meanwhile, who doesn’t know, Real’s traditional room is like the factory that produces this trophy. This is the stepping stone for a big star like Mbappe to reach out, to achieve noble personal titles.

Many people wonder, with the excellence of Rodrygo and especially Vinicius – who has a position and playing style similar to the French star, is there still room for Mbappe. However, with his class and versatility, Mbappe will easily help Real get flexibility in the squad.

Also remember, Real are looking for a replacement for Karim Benzema in attack when the reigning Ballon d’Or has turned 35 and Mbappe is a great generation transfer at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Spanish press all published the forum, Real has not given up its ambition to own a 25-year-old star. However, the royal team will change tactics, which is to let Mbappe put pressure and negotiate to leave with president Nasser Al-Khelaifi. If all goes well, Real will close the book.

Thus, Mbappe will be the deciding factor, whether he will stay or leave PSG. And before this important moment, please send Mbappe a message – “Standing on the top of Eiffel, you can’t see the world”.

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