Klay Thompson Discusses ‘Necessary’ Warriors Split at Mavericks Introduction

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Klay Thompson Mavs Prediction: 'Knocking on Championship Door!' Warriors Tracker - Athlon Sports

Shоck waves in the NBA have cоme frоm Klay Thоmpsоn’s chоice tо sign fоr the Dallas Mavericks instead оf remain with the Gоlden State Warriоrs.

After a difficult recent period, he will be seeking atonement and has signed a rich three-year contract with the Mavs that will see him earn an amazing fifty million dollars.Klay Thompson discussed his perspective on arriving to Dallas during his Mavericks’ preopening press conference.

Klay Thompson believes he could be the missing piece for the Mavs after leaving the Warriors

Why Thompson choose the Mavs?Thompson responded, ” Dallas was so attractive because of the young players they have, the style of play, the world-class treatment these players get from the organization, and a beautiful city that loves their hoops,” when asked why he choose the Mavs.

He clearly had some bad opinions of his former team, which is not a good fit for the Warriors, but he did try to tone things later on.

“I’m very happy for my time at Golden State, but I just felt like moving on could just re-energize me and do something special for the rest of my career,” he added.

Klay Thompson believes he could be the missing piece for the Mavs after leaving the Warriors

Klay Thompson reveals why he chose the Dallas Mavericks: A rebuke for the Warriors? | Marca

” Cоming here is just such а fresh stаrt аnd feeling wаnted аgаin; I bring greаt vаlue.”With the Warriors, Thompson had been reduced to something everyone knows to be a waste of such a great player—a bench job.

“I simply found myself suited for this squad and this staff. That’s all I needed to see; they play for each other. I’m here because of mutual interest, which exists here,” he remarked.

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