Fascinating Tales of Messi Family’s “Three Sons”

Messi’s son loves… Ronaldo

Despite being often compared and considered rivals in the rankings of famous players, it is not widely known that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have had personal connections off the field. In an interesting twist, their children have shown admiration for each other’s fathers and other players.

Messi’s eldest son, Thiago, who is seven years old, openly expressed his love for players like Ronaldo, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe, showcasing his appreciation for their skills and talent. Similarly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s son is also a passionate fan of Messi, demonstrating the mutual respect and admiration that exists between the two families beyond the football pitch. These instances highlight the personal connections and bonds that can exist among players and their families, transcending the rivalries often portrayed in the media.

Lionel Messi reveals son taunts him over Liverpool Champions League win  over Barcelona | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

This lovely story was shared by Messi himself in an interview with Mundo Deportivo newspaper. He also shared that Thiago has a special love for football. The boy actively learns and impresses talented players. Thiago himself was often present at the training ground or in the stands to support his father.

Second brother pretends to be a Liverpool player to scare his father

Con trai Messi khóc khi Argentina thua Arab Saudi - Ngôi sao
Messi’s son makes fun of his father

Despite being a superstar on the football field, Lionel Messi experiences playful teasing from his youngest son, Mateo. Following the Champions League semi-final second leg at Anfield last year, where Messi and Barcelona suffered a defeat, Mateo found a humorous way to greet his father upon his return home. Posing as a Liverpool player, Mateo jokingly said, “I’m from Liverpool… they beat me.” This lighthearted moment highlights the playful banter within the Messi family and showcases Mateo’s ability to add some humor to his father’s experiences on the pitch.

3 con trai của Lionel Messi có hành động siêu dễ thương mừng bố vô địch

Not only that, Mateo is also known as a genuine ‘anti Barca’ to tease his father and brother. He is even an avid fan of Real Madrid.

Last August, in the match between Barca and Real Betis, Messi and his children came to cheer. This time Messi is recovering from an injury, so he cannot participate in the competition. It doesn’t matter if when Real Betis scored against Barcelona, ​​young Mateo celebrated happily. This made both Messi and Luis Suarez next to him laugh happily. The boy’s actions were captured on camera and became one of the most watched moments of the match.

3 boys share the same love of football

Con trai 10 tuổi rất hiểu chuyện của Messi: Lặng lẽ bóp vai cho bố sau trận  chung kết World Cup

Messi shared, both Thiago and Mateo have a special love for football. While Thiago regularly watches and has a little understanding of football. Then young Mateo wears his jersey all day. Currently, Thiago is playing in the FC Barcelona youth team. Mateo also began to love football in the near future. And the youngest – Ciro Messi is known for his cute sly look.

Let’s look forward to the coming time, what surprises Messi’s sons will create for the world football village.

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