Explore 99+ Cool and Classic Designs for Roman Numeral Tattoos

1. The Collarbone Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs1

It makes you feel and look more than just beautiful and cute, “Gorgeous”.

2. Carved Sexy Back Neck Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs2

Isn’t it cute to be noticed from your back? It works best for the woman who works at a public place, needed to have her body covered. It’s cute when she walks around.

3. Forearm Roman Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs3

Aren’t these tattoos super cute? The uncommon font and the black ink has spilled its magic. The small heart symbols at either end signifies the warmth of this lovely relationship. Making the date as special as their love.

3. Sexy back neck tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs4

This tattoo is having several numbers bears significant value in the individual’s life. carving the date they met, got engaged or married is an awesome visual treat to either partner. It looks so attractive because of its simplicity and obviously right placement.

4. Right collarbone tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs5

This tattoo is an epitome of beauty, simplicity and elegance. The simplicity and the message hidden is the ultimate charmer. This tattoo is beyond perfection. The perfect dress elevates its charm even more.

5. The perfect forearm tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs7

By carrying the simple message, this tattoo is still a mystery for others. The placement and carving is superb. The appealing tattoo is prominent and striking. The chosen font makes it so gorgeous!

6. The perfect couple tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs8

The same numerals carved on both the hands are so lovely. Embodying the heavenly love, this tattoo is just beyond a symbol of purity. It is a special way of remembering the date when two souls were united for life saying “they do”!

7. Stenciled numerals Rose tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs9

Rose has always been regarded as a symbol of love. The stenciled font has given the numerals vibrant artistic look. And the rose carved at the side is making the tattoo so gorgeous! The placement is so wise and obvious the important date must be of utmost significance. This tattoo is simply brilliant.

8. Side forearm numerals tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs10

This tattoo is simple yet powerful. The elevated font makes it more radiant and beautiful. Just by carrying the birth dates of the parents. Nothing can be as stylish yet a great tribute to your parents. By following the celebrity footprints of justin bieber, this tattoo has become the style trend of current generation.

9. Wrist numeral tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs12

The latest trend in tattoos is simplicity and this one defines it. Just by carving the date on their wrists, these lovebirds have already  mentioned how much important this date is!  This is so cute. As and when you tend to watch time , you will be remembered of this date. Nothing can be more sweeter way of remembrance! 10. Rib cage Numeral Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs13

This tattoo is so sexy by carrying the specific message within. The placement is just awesome. The innate way of showing affection is the key to a healthy relationship. Carrying an elegant style signature this tattoo is bold and beautiful.

11. Forearm sibling tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs14

This tattoo shows ultimate affection and love among the siblings. Reflecting warmth of relationship this tattoo symbolizes the inseparable love of siblings. Nothing can be more cute than this.

12. Side ribcage numerals tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs15

This tattoo is unique because of its connectedness. Font, bold face and dots make it so striking and attractive. Nothing can be so bold and sultry.14. Multiline Numerals Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs16

The multiline numerals tattoo carries ultimate significance in one’s life. The carved dates are brilliantly placed and carry a bold message. The simple black ink looks so appealing by carrying the mystery of dated along.15. Single wrist numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs17

Simplicity is beauty. The phrase has been explained in the above tattoo. This is so simple and single numeral carved tattoo. Still it is so bold and eye catching. It is an unique and yet stylish way to cherish the most important date in one’s life.16. Side ribcage undotted numerals tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs18

The tattoo is so special and carries an uniqueness which is one of its kind. The dot or dash lines are missing. It symbolizes connectedness. It carries the date along with a distinct font. The horizontal placement on the ribcage is another way that it is so special and private to the person.17. The simple wrist date tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs19

This tattoo is very special and simple. The carving has been on the wrist. The veins are directly connected to heart arising from this part of the wrist. Its special by carrying the special date and its placement. Nothing can be so touching and brilliant.

18. The catchy Shoulder Date

Roman numeral tattoo designs20

This tattoo is so catchy and trapped. The font and ink has created magic. The tattoo looks so striking and prominent. Carrying the prominence of its significance, the tattoo will leave people spellbound.

19 The beating numerals

Roman numeral tattoo designs21

This tattoo is a brilliant execution of artistry and reality.  It reflects continuity of life and its significance. The hidden message is so special. Human life is just the accumulation of heartbeats and with each beat it remembers this date. Nothing can be so realistic and romantic.

20. The Flashy shoulder tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs22

The simpler looking shoulder tattoo is really beautiful. The ink is so prominent on skin and it makes it so flashy. You can never get enough if it!

21. The stylish forearm Numerals

Roman numeral tattoo designs23

This tattoo is so stylish and creative. The placement gives it even better attention. Carrying the dates along, this tattoo is way creative.

22. Horizontal forearm tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs24

The beauty of this tattoo is the placement and horizontal nature. It is special in its own way and looks so pretty.

23. The infinity numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs25

The infinity snake tattoo means the endlessness. The tattoo is so creative yet less painful. This is considered as one of the most interesting designs. The tattoo looks so attractive carrying the numerals along.

24. The Continuous Numerals Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs26

This tattoo is continuous without any space, dash or dot symbol. This is so enchanting and beautiful. It carries the message of connectedness without anything else. Its simply divine.

25. The couples’ numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs27

This presentation of numerals is so cute. The date is always special when it’s carved in both the individuals. Reflecting great love, this tattoo is simple yet so cute.

26. The responsible couple tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs28

They go hand in hand. Stay together and love each other , even more with each passing day. Yes, they are so special and they take the responsibility of being together for life by carving the special date on the wrist. So loving and responsible!27. The striking collarbone Tattoo


Want to surprise your partner with the best anniversary gift but not sure about the ideas?

Here is the answer for you. Get your anniversary date tattooed. It’s the best way to hold the date very close to your heart. This tattoo displays the depth of care and love. It provides an opportunity to recall that specific date in your life. Being on the collarbone, it is a symbol of boldness and femininity.

28. The ultimate style icon numeral tat

roman numeral tattoo designs30

This tattoo is so amazing and beautiful. The rock font, black ink and the side art makes it so heavenly pretty. This tattoo symbolizes the beauty and uniqueness. This perfect style icon tattoo is something which you can’t  take your eyes off.

29. The diva wrist tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs31

This tattoo is so simple yet so appealing. The date has been carved in the perfect font and the simple lines creates magical effect along with the dot. It is so pretty and a symbol of the woman’s vanity.

30. The stenciled numerals rose tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs32

Rose has always been regarded as a symbol of love. The stenciled font has given the numerals vibrant artistic look. And the rose carved at the side is making the tattoo so gorgeous! The placement is so wise and obvious the important date must be of utmost significance. This tattoo is simply brilliant.

31. The numeral paw tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs33

This tattoo is so beautiful with the colorful flower and numerals. The paws give it a special attention that the person is a die hard pet lover! This reminds me of my good old days growing up at home with a lovely pet. It’s such a beautiful tribute to your loyal and lovely pet.

32. The stylish heel tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs34

This tattoo is very cute with the simple hollow heart carved on the left. he design and placement are so simple yet tricky to give it a different dimension of beauty.

33. The diva ankle tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs35

High heels with ankle tattoo are a perfect combination for a diva. This tattoo is so prominent carved in black ink and leaves you mesmerizing as you keep on staring at it!!

34. The classy shoulder tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs36

This tattoo is an absolute treat to eyes. Being carved in black ink and perfect shading, it provides absolute dimensions to the date. The placement is brilliant as well.

35. The iconic chest piece

Roman numeral tattoo designs37

This tattoo is way too catchy for the bold face and larger font. The tattoo styled in numerals creates an absolute masterpiece.

36. The vintage north star compass tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs38

The north star used to guide people with directions and time in earlier days. This tattoo shows the guiding light concept along with the numerals. Perfectly outlined and shaded in black ink, this tattoo is so artistic.

37. The connected numerals Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs39

Keep your hearts refreshed and dates connected. This tattoo depicts the connectedness in the bonding imbibed with the memories of this specific date. It’s simple yet effective.38. The stylish forearm tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs40

The font and ink make it so prominent and striking. The simple combination of dash and lines have combinedly created a great piece of art.

39. The numeral Arrow tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs41

The numeral arrow tattoos are super sexy and trendy. These arrows symbolize each partner in the relationship. The direction is given instead of N, S and it directs to the most important dates in life. The arrows and numerals together make this tattoo amazing.

40 The Side rib Numerals Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs42

This tattoo is a symbol of love, intimacy and affection. being carved in perfect black ink, this tattoo is simple and beautiful. This symbolizes that the date is of more importance to this person.

41. The funky neckpiece tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs43

This tattoo is unique being carved as a single literal. The roman literal of significance importance with black ink an attractive font has carved at the back side of neck is an epitome of boldness and femininity.42. The colorful sidearm tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs44

Being carved as a colorful piece of art, this is an absolutely lovely tattoo to make friends and peers jealous! Because of its unique shading effect, large boldface font and solid ink, this tattoo becomes so eye-catchy.43. The stylish cross numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs45

The cross tattoos are very popular because of their association with socio cultural values, personal beliefs and relation to religion. This tattoo carved in black ink is a symbolic representation of the person’s beliefs and it’s sacred association with the specific date.

44. The amazing numeral waist tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs46

This tattoo is an epitome of masculinity being carved in bold black ink and in large font. The vertical presentation of the numerals is an artistic thought which makes the tattoo more spectacular.45. The numeral clock tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs47

This tattoo gives an amazing 3D effect.Being outlined perfectly, this piece of art is a combination of great thought and execution. It leaves the spectator spellbound. The favourite quotation, important date, name of the special person; all represented in an artistic format and carved on the shoulder  forever! what else will be the better execution than this?

46. The side forearm numeral tattoo

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

This tattoo is a symbol of simplicity. It is simple yet powerful bearing the two dates with a colon symbol in between. This tattoo is a simple presentation of care. People often carve birth dates of each partner, parents or children. This is an epic way to show your care for your loved ones.47. The charming name numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs49

This tattoo is very different where the name of the loved one is carved with a different font and the date in roman numerals. Roman numeral tattoos being in trend, gives it a special form of artistry.

48. The oval clock tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs50

This tattoo is super trendy and eye-catchy. The oval clock like representation gives it the perception of binding the date all together and keeping that time memorable time trapped and carved in your own arms. Nothing can appear more enchanting than this!

49. The feathery numerals

Roman numeral tattoo designs51

The unique tattoo is the outcome of a genius mind. The soft shaded rose gives it a royal look. The feathers surrounding it protects the enigma of this royal piece of art. The roman literals just add glitter to this. Their bold striking feature enhances the beauty of it even more.50. The  cute finger tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs52

The finger tattoos are cute, miniature and beautiful piece of art carved on the fingers. These tattoos are ring finger tattoos symbolizing the date of their marriage. It’s so romantic way of expressing love for each other.

51. The small font forearm tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs53

These tattoos are unique and the small font makes it even more beautiful. The unique way of presentation is so classy.

52. The classy shoulder numerals

Roman numeral tattoo designs54

These tattoos are so pretty  being carved in bold face. They simply represent boldness and vanity of a woman.53. The ultra bold side arm tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs55

The date speaks out so loud! And the name of the person carved below, is just giving the tattoo a different dimension. what else can be more appealing than this?

54. The sexy ribcage couple tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs56

Carving the anniversary date on the rib cage of each partner. Nothing more can appear as sexy as this tattoo. Being carved in black ink, this tattoo symbolizes ultimate romanticism.

55. Simple rib cage tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs57

This ribcage tattoo is an epitome of feminine beauty and charisma. Being simpler yet bold faced roman numeral  is the symbol of utmost purity of love and remembrance.

56. The bold roman literals

Roman numeral tattoo designs58

Painted in dark black ink, this is a representation of a stable relationship and the simple representation is so beautiful.

57. The Stylish side tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs59

This tattoo is so stylish and bold. Devoid of its simpler representation, the striking color and font are eye catching.

58. The sexy shoulder tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs60

Roman numbers are tattooed for ultimate style signatures. From celebrities to players, its famous amongst all. This shoulder tattoo is just another stunning presentation.

59. The trapped numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs61

The glittery trapped numeral tattoos are just the variation from the usual ones. Being glittery and trapped, it represents the uniqueness and foreverness of the relationship rejoicing the very date.60. The ultra romantic couple tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs62

Showing love for the partner in tattoos; what else can be a better gift? This cupid struck lovers chose another way of representing their love. Carrying the glimpse of the special date, style signature of connected roman numerals and the love message, this tattoo is way too complete and romantic.61. The soulmate tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs63

Carving the special date as ring, is superbly brilliant and cute. Holding hands and making the date eternal as their divine love. Sounds a so fairytale lovestory!

62. The multi date roman tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs64

This tattoo represents multiple important dates in an artistic form. The Font and style of the roman numerals make it more prominent and attractive.

63. The numeral love tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs65

This is a sensational eyeconic tattoo where instead of name, birth dates has been used with a cute hollow heart symbol in between. It is so artistic and cute.

64. The infinity love couple tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs66

This tattoo represents the continuousness and foreverness of love with the infinity symbol. The letters “Love” carved within infinity makes it so special. The date carved is for obvious reason. Combinedly they make you go “Aww..so cute!!”65. The wicked wrist tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs67

This wrist tattoo is so awesome being carved as a multiple date. It carries the memories of the day’s, special feelings and the wickedness of sneaking into these days every now and then when you look at it. Aren’t they super smarty execution?

66. The sneaky small font numerals

Roman numeral tattoo designs68

These tattoos are super cool being carved at the wrist. Also the small font adds iconic signature to the special dates and together it looks so nice!

67. The sexy Arm tattoos

Roman numeral tattoo designs69

These tattoos are super trendy and stylish. They look so awesome when you flaunt them with ease. The roman numerals spell its cast of being wickedly sexy.

66. The bicep infinity numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs70

Bicep forms a great canvas to ink this infinity numeral tattoo. It represents never ending love and togetherness. This tattoo is such a masterpiece.67. The tricky shoulder numeral tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs71

This tattoo bears the significance of this date and it’s super touchy to carry along the birthdate of your child on your responsible shoulders! This is a super tricky and touchy tattoo.68. The lovely numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs72

The “Hearts” are the symbol of love since years and yet celebrated with joy. This is a roman wedding date tattoo usually carved on hands of each partner signifying the importance of the date in their life with the tiny love symbol by its side.

69. The perfect wedding date roman numeral tat

Roman numeral tattoo designs73

These tattoos are carved in roman numerals bearing the wedding date on the wrist of each partner in the remembrance of this special day. This tattoo is simple but the black lines of roman numerals make it so strikingly significant and lovely.

70. The roman numeral wedding ring tattoo

Roman numeral tattoo designs74

The cutest way of representation of the wedding vows and promise by carving the very date on each other’s ring finger. There is a direct connection of nerve from this finger to heart. The effect increases exponentially with this sweet execution of wedding ring tattoo. Feeling butterflies in stomach? Might be your turn to find the special one and carve something similar like this!

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