Discover 21 Small and Meaningful Minimalist Tattoo Designs

Full-body tattoos with intricate details and big, statement-making designs will never go out of style. However presently, the world is obsessing over small tattoos. These tiny tattoo designs are minimalistic and cute. They not only drive attention to and enhance the body part where they are inked but will also fill you up with a sense of serenity when you look at them. They are the best examples of “Less is more”. The best thing about them is that they are less painful and do not take much space. If you are on the lookout for a classy tiny tattoo, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the most adorable minimalist tattoos ever. Take a look!

21 Best Small Tattoos With Meanings

1. Heart Tattoo

Small heart tattoo designLưu

miguelfernandez_tattoo Instagram

Small heartbeat tattoo designLưu

fran_art_berlin Instagram

The heart represents love, romance, memory, trust, hope, and stability. This small heartbeat tattoo will remind you of the things that make you feel loved because a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. It looks classy, elegant, and neat.

2. Rose Tattoo

Small rose tattoo designLưu

tinytattooinc Instagram

Small rose tattoo design on handLưu Instagram

Roses are associated with love, purity, balance, and femininity. They symbolize a new beginning with lots of adventure, learning, and growth. This small rose tattoo sounds like something close to your life, it’s time you got a rose inked on your body.

3. Crown Tattoo

Small crown tattoo design on shoulderLưu

tattoost73 Instagram

Small crown tattoo design on fingerLưu

andr.jurgita Instagram

If qualities like leadership, power, authority, and bravery represent your personality, this small crown tattoos for you. A crown symbolizes monarchy, glory, and righteousness and never fails to remind you that you are the boss lady.

4. Airplane Tattoo

Small airplane tattoo designLưu

small.minitattoo Instagram

Small airplane tattoo design on handLưu

muriminitattoos Instagram

A little airplane tattoo floating around, leaving its trail behind, represents youth, freedom, fun, and regret-free living. Though it seems pretty simple, it holds deep meaning.

5. Sun Tattoo

Small Sun tattoo design on back of neckLưu

anitarojastattoo Instagram

Small Sun tattoo design on back of armsLưu Instagram

Most people get a sun tattoo to help them glide through dark times and rise above all problems. It is a sign that represents light, positivity, energy, hope, cheerfulness, and vastness. If you are someone who has faced tough times and chose to lead a positive life, a sun tattoo is a great option.

6. Pearl Tattoo

Small pearl tattoo designLưu

bymimomu Instagram

Small pearl tattoo design on shoulderLưu

tattoo.umg Instagram

An open seashell with a pearl in it symbolizes rebirth, miracle, purity, wealth, elevation, and secret knowledge. It is the perfect tattoo for anyone who is set to start a new phase in their life.

7. Snowflake Tattoo

Small snowflake tattoo designs for winterLưu Instagram

Small snowflake tattoo designLưu

gises.zs Instagram

A snowflake represents uniqueness and individuality. This is because each snowflake has a unique pattern and design. If you believe that you are unique, benevolent, humane, and gentle, this is the tattoo for you.

8. The Music Lover

Small music note tattoo designLưu

girls_mini_tattoos Instagram

Small music instrument tattoo designLưu Instagram

If you want to express your love for music to the world, these are some of the best minimalist tattoos out there. Go for a line drawing of an instrument or a musical note that will stay with you forever.

9. Elephant Tattoo

Small elephant tattoo design on sleeveLưu

ogaclara Instagram

A cute little elephant tattoo designLưu

tattoo.niki Instagram

Across many cultures, the elephant is a symbol of strength, prosperity, and power. They are free-spirited animals that live by the rules of unity and cohesiveness. They are incredibly loyal and cheerful. A cute little elephant tattoo on your wrist, ankle, or finger will look great.

10. Arrow

Small arrow tattoo designLưu

callmehao Instagram

Small arrow tattoo design on handLưu

rong_tsa Instagram

An arrow depicts protection from harm. It can be used as a symbol of courage and valor. Some cultures believe that both men and women are capable of drawing an arrow. This small arrow tattoo will be a constant reminder that no matter what happens, you can move in only one direction – and that is forward.

11. The Book Lover Tattoo

The book lover tattoo designLưu

emily_ink_studio Instagram

Small book tattoo design on handLưu

bamboo__tattoo Instagram

Are you a bibliophile? Do you believe that whenever you read a book, something magical happens? If so, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

12. Doe Tattoo

Small watercolor doe tattoo designLưu

innerlighttattoo Instagram

Small doe tattoo designLưu

popackane Instagram

A doe symbolizes gentleness, a deep spiritual connection, strength, and peace. Go for this tattoo if you are a gentle soul and identify with these traits.

13. Lotus Tattoo

Small lotus tattoo design on legLưu

boho_hippy_chic Instagram

Small lotus tattoo designLưu Instagram

Lotus represents tranquility, enlightenment, spirituality, purity, perfection, and beauty. Its untouched beauty shows that wherever you are, you will rise from obstacles with grace and elegance.

14. Om Tattoo

Small om tattoo designLưu

rowan.poke Instagram

Om tattoo design on neckLưu Instagram

Om is known to be the first sound of the universe. It is often sung as a mantra before beginning any spiritual ritual. The power of om is proven to be both mental and physical. It represents the union of mind and breath of life. If you are seeking knowledge and spiritual awareness, this tattoo is perfect for you. This is one of the best small tattoo designs.

15. Feather Tattoo

Small watercolor feather tattoo designLưu

bigguystattoostudio Instagram

Small feather tattoo designLưu

roxastattoo Instagram

The concept of feather tattoos originated from many ancient civilizations and tribal groups. They viewed the feather as a symbol of courage, truth, bravery, and freedom.

16. Owl Tattoo

Small owl tattoo designLưu

villagepoptattoo Instagram

Small watercolor owl tattoo designLưu

g7tattoo Instagram

Ancient Greeks considered the owl a symbol of wisdom and strategy. Since the owl is the wisest of all birds, it is treated equally to a human. Its large eyes are designed to see in low light. If you are a mysterious person who prefers to observe more and talk less, this tattoo can be your spirit symbol.

17. Bird Tattoo

Small watercolor bird tattoo designLưu

mrtattoos_ink Instagram

Small bird tattoo design on handLưu

dodoetvalou Instagram

Birds represent freedom, peace, energy, passion, vitality, and innocence. This are often viewed as feminine beings who carry themselves with elegance.

18. Tree Tattoo

Small tree tattoo design on handLưu

kikinoland Instagram

Small tree tattoo designLưu

lau_bergeronc Instagram

A tree represents abundance, growth, prosperity, and wisdom. If you want strength and patience in your life, get a cute little tree tattoo.

19. Moon Tattoo

Small Moon tattoo design with cloudsLưu

christinehtaylor Instagram

Small Moon tattoo design on handLưu Instagram

In many cultures, the moon is considered as a symbol of femininity, peace, and rebirth. Moon tattoos look best on fingers, neck, wrists, and arms.

20. Anchor Tattoo

Small anchor tattoo designLưu

elenamanzo95 Instagram

Small anchor tattoo design on fingerLưu

mr_tattooholic_tattoo Instagram

The popular anchor tattoo symbolizes stability, persistence, strength, security, and being grounded. The anchor also represents a person who has been through difficult times and has found a safe place in life. It is the best small tattoo on wrist.

21. Symbols

Small symbols tattoo designLưu

wandaquirosart Instagram

Small cross symbol tattoo design on fingerLưu

straroby Instagram

You can use a certain symbol, mark, or design to represent your unique personality, life, and journey. Small tattoo on finger is the best choice if you are willing to go with symbol tattoos.

Infographic: Post-Pandemic Tattoo Trends

The tattoo industry has seen a boom ever since the Covid-19 restrictions have been relaxed. People got a lot of time to sit by themselves in a world that looked like it had entered an apocalypse. Tattoos have become a part of most people’s bucket lists. Minimalistic tattoos, which had already been popular before the pandemic, have made a comeback alongside many other styles. Check out the infographic below to look at other trending tattoo designs.

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