All Sexies female is Neymar’s girlfriend. Who has he started dating since Bruna Biancardi?

As one of the most famous football players in the world, it’s understandable why fans want to know more about Neymar’s girlfriend and who he’s dating now.

Neymar, whose full name is Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, made his professional football debut with the Santos Futebol Clube when he was 17. In 2017, Neymar—who was born in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, in Brazil—was transferred to the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club for a reported €222 million, making him one of the most expensive football players ever. In an interview with SporTV in 2015, Neymar opened up about his dream to marry and settle down. “I would like to meet a woman, get married and have kids. It’s something that I always talk about with my friends, I have this dream of being married in a church, going out to party with my friends and have my children by my side every day,” he said.

Neymar, who shares a son named Davi with his ex-girlfriend Carolina Dantas, also talked about how becoming a parent makes him want to have more kids even more. “I have a child that lives far away and I know how difficult it is. The dream of wanting to be a father with a family continues,” he said. Neymar also told the outlet about how difficult it is to be away from his son as he becomes older. “It’s hard to be so far from Davi,” he said. “It’s difficult to be so far from my son, it makes me very nostalgic. I speak with him almost every day on the mobile of his mother. Each month and a half, or two, he comes here.”

Who is Neymar dating now? Read on for what we know about Neymar’s girlfriends both past and present and whether he’s in a relationship now.

Bruna Biancardi (2021 – 2022)

Image: MEGA/GC Images.

Neymar and Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi started dating in 2021, but didn’t confirm their relationship until January 2022 when they announced their engagement on Instagram. The two broke up in August 2022, a month after Bruna was seen without her engagement ring. Bruna confirmed the breakup in an Instagram Story at the time. “I’ve always been myself and you guys know this, but since you guys keep asking, I’d like to make it clear that I am not in a relationship—for a while now—and there was no cheating. Don’t believe everything you see. I have a lot of love for him and his family! Please stop mentioning my name. Thank you!” Bruna wrote at the time.

Bruna’s post was in response to a report by Extra Online at the time that Neymar had cheated on Bruna at a party, which caused her to end their relationship. “A few days later, she discovered that he had been with a girl at that party and decided to end it right then and there,” Extra Online reported at the time. “Bruna packed up her things and left as soon as the sun came up.”

Natalia Barulich (2020 – 2021)

Image: Art Garcia/Sipa USA via AP Images.

Neymar and model Natalia Barulich met in February 2018 when Natalia’s boyfriend at the time, Colombian singer Maluma, performed at Neymar’s 26th birthday party. Natalia and Maluma broke up in October 2019 after two years together. “I love Juan Luis (Maluma) very much but right now we need to take time for ourselves and our careers so that we can continue to grow as artists and individuals,” Natalia said in a statement at the time. In an interview with on the Mexican show Windowing after her split, Natalia denied that her friendship with Neymar was the reason for her breakup with Maluma. “He is a great friend and I don’t know why the media thinks we’re together, just because we did a photo shoot, I adore him, he’s a great person, he’s a great friend, he’s always been a great guy and he’s a great person in my life,” she said. She also responded to rumors that Maluma’s song “Hawai” was written about her and how she left him for Neymar. “I didn’t believe anything about it. I do not know if he dedicated it to me, I heard that he did, but I also heard that he did not, the truth is that I do not care, that is in the past and I want to leave it there, it was an experience in my life that I do not regret. But it is time to overcome that, because we have been separated for a year,” she said.

In “Hawai,” Maluma sings about a past girlfriend who tried to make him jealous. “The picture that you posted saying he was your sky / Babe, I know you well, I know it was uploaded to make me jealous / I won’t tell you who, but someone told me they saw you crying,” he sings, according to a translation by Distractify. The music video for “Hawai” also saw a woman who played Maluma’s girlfriend call their relationship “toxic,” which fans believe was a reference to Natalia also describing her relationship with Maluma as “toxic” in a past interview on Danny Morrel’s “Evolve” podcast.

In February 2020, Natalia confirmed her relationship with Neymar at his 28th birthday in Paris, France, with a photo of them on her Instagram Story. “Everyone knows how extraordinarily talented you are, but if they could only see how real & beautiful you are inside you heart. You have all my respect and honor babe,” she captioned the picture. Neymar and Natalia dated for several months before their split in late 2020. In a response to an Instagram follower in September 2021, Natalia responded to a fan who asked if she misses any of her exes. “No. I will always have love for the few I’ve shared a relationship with,” she said. “But those are all just stories now in my book of life. I’m so grateful for every experience shaping me into the woman I am right now. Now we keep moving forward and growing knowing exactly what I want and do not want for my life.” Natalia also described her year at the time as a “rollercoaster” to another fan. Neymar and Natalie broke up in 2021.

Bruna Marquezine (2012 – 2018)

Image: Benjamin Cremel / Red Bull Content Pool via AP Images.

Neymar and actress Bruna Marquezine met at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro in 2012 and started dating soon after. (Bruna is from Duque de Caixas, Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, which is about 400 kilometers from Neymar’s family’s home in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, according to The Sun.) Bruna and Neymar broke up in 2013 but got back together ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Bruna and Neymar broke up and got back together again in 2016 before their final split in 2018. In an interview with Vogue at the time, Bruna confirmed that Neymar was the one who ended the relationship. She also denied that the split had to do with their different political views. According to The Sun, fans believed that Neymar voted for Brazil’s right wing president Jair Bolsonaro, while Bruna was a vocal supporter of the opposition’s Workers’ Party. “We are finished,” she said. “It was his decision. I am going to ask that this issue isn’t prolonged because normally I don’t speak about my personal life. I have a lot of respect and affection for him and for everything we went through together. I just want to clear this point up, because we are living through a critical and dangerous time, a time with a lot of hate and no, the breakup had nothing to do with that [politics].”

In March 2019, Neymar defended Bruna after she deleted her Instagram account due to bullying. “I do not understand, I’m a fan of her as an actress and as a woman. We did not work for some reasons and that nobody has to get … You have to respect [Bruna] as an actress,” Neymar tweeted at the time, according to The Sun. “Stay calm @BruMarquezine.” He continued, “They just try to talk bullshit about talented people and this you have too much. I will always care about and respect you and I will defend you, as I know who you are.”

Jhenny Andrade (2015)

Image: Jason Silva / AGIF via AP.

Neymar and UFC Octagon girl Jhenny Andrade were first linked in 2015 after they were seen at a New Year’s Eve party. Jhenny—who was born in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, and was a writer for the Brazilian men’s magazine, VIP—also posted a photo of her and Neymar on her Instagram at the time with the caption: “Barbie and Ken beautiful.” Jhenny and Neymar went on to date for a couple months before their split in 2015. During their relationship, Jhenny also attended two of Neymar’s games, including one against Real Betis Balompié, where Neymar slipped and missed a penalty, according to The Sun.

Carolina Dantas (2010 – 2011)

Carolina Dantas was Neymar’s first love. They dated from 2010 to 2011 when he was still a new player with Santos FC. Months after their split, Neymar and Carolina welcomed their first child together, a son Davi Lucca, in August 2011. Despite their breakup, Neymar and Carolina remain friends and have an amicable co-parenting relationship for Davi. In August 2021, Neymar and Carolina were photographed vacationing together with friends on a yacht in Ibiza. In an interview with British GQ in 2021, Neymar revealed that he wants at least two more children after  Davi. “I’m almost 30, and I have a good career, but on a personal level I want to have two more kids, to give my son Davi some brothers,” he said. He also noted his career goals, which includes winning a World Cup title. “I want to win the World Cup. That’s always been the biggest dream of my career. But also I want to win every title with PSG – the Champions League, the Coupe de France.” he said. When asked about the football players he’d like to play with, Neymar responded: “I would choose Christiano Ronaldo – because I already played with great players like Messi and Mbappe. But I haven’t played beside Ronaldo yet.”

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