56 Popular Claw Ideas 2023

Do you need a strong nail idea that can show your unique personality? Then, claw nail designs are your best choice!

Claw nails are bold nails with long, sharp ends. Sharp claws like a raptor. Therefore, the claw nails look fierce and can completely show the independent personality of women.

If you add beautiful patterns and decorations, the claw nails will also be very beautiful. Do you want to try claw nails? You can take a look at our article first to find the right idea for you.

1. Dark red claw nail ideas

Sharp pointed nails, dark style colors, metal style decoration. Cool in the end. Strangers, please don’t come near!

2. Gold decorative nail design

The fierce claw nails are decorated with gold foil and golden lines. It seems to add a lot of gorgeous styles. Great nail idea.

3. Longclaw nail

Claw nails lengthened in horror style. Black smoke, blood red, spider-style lines, plus a skull ring. Which one do you like?

4. Steampunk style claw nail

Broken gears, scattered metal fragments, metal rivets. This is a nail design with a thick steampunk style. Great praise.

5. Dark Dahlia nail design

The claw nails are paired with dark-style dahlia, silver lines cut space, and a black crystal cover. The addition of pink adds some gentleness.

6. Shape combination nail design

Minimalist moon and sun patterns and creative space cutting. Imaginative nail ideas.

7. Dark green nails

Broken dark green fragments, a complete horror style, can you feel the horror hiss?

8. Nude claw nail ideas

Very long transparent claws and nails, plus mysterious white floating objects inside. Very attractive design.

The last flesh-colored nude claw nail incorporates a complex line design.

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