55 of the Coolest Gothic Nails

The best gothic nails! Sharing the coolest goth nail designs and ideas that will take your style to the dark side in no time.

The goth aesthetic has recently taken over social media feeds, and being in a goth mood is now officially enviable.

While there are numerous ways to participate in the gothic revival, one of the simplest and coolest ways to transition your style to the dark side is to experiment with gothic nails.

My favorite gothic nail designs are basically variations on existing minimalist nail trends. Just like black French tips, black and white manis, and ombre effects, these nail designs make a bold statement without being overly complicated.

If you want to try something new this season, gothic nail designs are a great way to spice up your nails. Keep reading to see the coolest goth nail art!

Best Gothic Nail Designs & Ideas

Here are the top 45+ gothic nails that go with any color and style, from nude to red French tip nails to fall nail designs and everything in between!

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